This Taxi never answers its phone at night. 661-TAXI is so dependable and answers the phone 24 hours a day. I know cause I own it. We have answered the phone 24/7 for the last 14 years, and we are cheaper. 541 661-8294 (taxi)
I was stranded in Brookings and needed to get back to Grants Pass. As I was sitting in the Fred Meyer's Parking Lot with my luggage in the cart I noticed this taxi dropping someone off and I wave them down as how is sitting in the Fred Meyers parking lot with my luggage in the cart I noticed this taxi dropping someone off and I wave them down. There was a nice woman driver driving the taxi and I asked her if there was any way possible that she could transport me to Grants Pass. There was only one problem I didn't have any cash available right thing and I asked him if they would be willing to accept payment at the other end of the journey after calling her boss they kindly agreed and took me to Grants Pass they shut down the whole cab service for the rest of the day just to transport me to Grants Pass it was a pleasant ride lots of talking hardly any awkwardness and at the end of the road she took me to my house the store where I cash my paycheck and let me do a little bit of shopping and took me all the way back home this is a wonderful taxi cab service I suggest them to anybody looking for a ride
Driver was driving like a drunk & when called he acted belligerent. Threw his hand out the window & acted like he was ready to fight. Worst cab company ever. Horrible driving & horrid customer service.
i used accurate taxi 2 times to go to the grocery store the driver helped me carry my grocerys in my house i hope we can keep our new taxi service in gold beach thanks
Good job
Driver was abusive...his name was Randy. A scary ride...
We had Mitchell as our driver around the 22nd of last month and he was awesome.